Weblinks on Archaeology and Neolithic Enclosures

Photo of a tunnel composed of books, symbolising links to Archaeology, Prehistory and Neolithic Enclosures websites..
‘Book tunnel’. Public Domain.

The list below includes links to popular Archaeology, Prehistory and Neolithic websites. It helps put the content of this website into context by providing easy access to overviews and general texts about Archaeology. If you think we are missing an important source, please, let us know in the contact section of the website. Thank you!

Archaeology news and resources

  • Anthropology.net: its mission is to create a cohesive online community of individuals interested in anthropology (including Archaeology). This website intends to promote and facilitate discussion, review research, extend stewardship of resources, and disseminate knowledge.
  • Archaeologica.org: your source on the web for daily archaeological news and information, including a podcast.
  • Archaeology from Reel to Real: a website for children from the National Science Foundation (USA).
  • Archaeology in Europe: a site where you’ll find educational resources such as original material on many archaeological subjects; archaeological events such as study tours, field trips and archaeological courses; links to web sites and articles; and much more.
  • Archaeology magazine: Archaeology news and articles in a publication of the Archaeological Institute of America.
  • Archaeology News Network: a non-profit, online open access, pro- community news website bringing together people in related fields with active interests intersecting archaeology.
  • British Archaeology magazine: an excellent source of news and featured articles. Published by the Council for British Archaeology, an independent charity which brings together members, supporters and partners to give archaeology a voice and safeguard it for future generations.
  • Current Archaeology magazine: the UK’s leading (and best-selling) archaeology magazine, established in print in 1967, and established on the web since 1996.
  • HeritageDaily: an online heritage and archaeology magazine, dedicated to publishing the latest news and discoveries on associated past sciences.
  • Livescience: general science website with plenty of archaeological content and news.
  • Past Horizons: online magazine site covering all the latest archaeology and heritage news with occasional in-depth articles.They maintain a database of current archaeological field work opportunities around the world. Great for students looking for practical experience and volunteers seeking a new challenge.
  • The Archaeology Channel: exploring the human cultural heritage through streaming media.
  • The Podcast History of Our World: a fun and content-rich podcast with lots of information about the ancient world, plus links to other History podcasts.

Prehistory and the Neolithic

Neolithic Monumental Architectures in Europe

  • Dolmens & Menhirs du Sud de la France: a description of megalithic structures in France.
  • Early Monumentality and Social Differenciation: a project on the origin and development of neolithic large-scale buildings and the emergence of early complex societies in Northern-Central Europe.
  • Megalithic Ireland: features megalithic, Early Christian, medieval and fortified sites in Ireland.
  • Stone Pages: the very first guide about European megalithic sites and other ancient structures ever appeared on the Web.
  • The Megalithic Portal: a collaborative effort to disseminate knowledge about ancient megalithic structures.
  • The Modern Antiquarian: a massive resource for news, information, images, folklore & weblinks on ancient sites across the UK, Ireland and Europe.
  • Theoretical Structural Archaeology. New research into the Prehistory of architecture, available in a series of articles that are designed to be read in order, and to be accessible to the non-specialist – and there is even some humour.

Neolithic and Copper Age enclosures in Europe

  • Central German Enclosures: investigation of monumental Late Neolithic construction projects in Central Europe. Excavation of the Baalberge roundel of Belleben I.
  • EWBSL. Earthworks in Braunschweiger Land: a summary of the main results of the EWBSL project, which between 1998 and 2009 identified an extraordinary concentration of Neolithic earthworks in eastern Lower Saxony between Braunschweig, Schladen and Schöningen. Various thematic digressions handle overarching issues (in German).
  • Henge Monuments: Special section dedicated to henges within Stephen J. Murray’s history of Britain. There is also a Neolithic in Britain page.
  • Portuguese Prehistoric Enclosures: a blog with news and reflections about the world of Portuguese Prehistoric ditched and walled enclosures, by António Valera.
  • The Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project: an international, interdisciplinary prospection project to reveal the secrets of the landscape surrounding Stonehenge.
  • The Stonehenge Riverside Project: a huge collective project to increase our knowledge about Durrington Walls and the surrounding area.
  • www.Sarsen.org: Musings and bookmarks about Stonehenge and related stuff, by Timothy Daw.