Introducing Fiona Sunderland, Student Insights Coordinator with the Arts team

Fiona has enjoyed finding ways to keep busy during lockdown!

What is your role at Arts at University of Southampton? 

I’ll be working as “Arts, Culture and Student Insights Coordinator” which is a fancy title I came up with to look cool on LinkedIn. In reality, it means I’ll be working closely with Louise Coysh and Jen Harris in the University’s Arts and Culture team, alongside our venues John Hansard Gallery and Turner Sims, to look at how we can develop the student experience around the University’s arts and culture offer. This involves supporting the student voice in the Heart of Campus project and city-wide cultural development. I’ll be particularly focused on making sure we have extensive student consultation and input! 

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Introducing our 2019/20 Arts Ambassadors: Molly Ellis

Molly Ellis (left) filming with SUSU TV

Third year Music student Molly Ellis tells of the impact the arts have had on her life here at University of Southampton and looks ahead to the next few months in her role as Arts Ambassador.

I had such a good time working as an Arts Ambassador last year that, when the opportunity came up again, I couldn’t not apply! Last year, I had a blast reviewing theatre, art exhibitions and concerts, attending events and networking with both my peers and professionals in the industry. This last year has really opened my eyes as to what kind of future could be possible in the arts beyond university.

This year I hope to continue working to promote the arts to both my fellow students and the local community. It’s so important for students to understand that the arts you’re involved with at university could pave the way to a career, regardless of your degree. Showing that the gap between the ‘student’ and ‘professional’ worlds is not that wide is something I’m really keen to do – exploring these possibilities and networking is what university is all about!

As a third year music student, the arts have shaped pretty much my entire time at University. I’ve been lucky enough to start shaping my passions for music, theatre and filmmaking into the beginnings of a future beyond graduation- something I’m incredibly excited about.

I’m a freelance filmmaker and photographer and have had the pleasure of working with some amazing groups, such as SÓN and SUSO, and on some cinematography passion projects- one of which has just been accepted for screening at the Canadian International Comedy Film Festival!

I am also a Musical Director for musical theatre society Showstoppers after joining last year (on the advice of previous Arts Ambassador Ben McQuigg). I soon found myself stuck in with nearly every show and my first as Musical Director, ‘I Love You Because’, is coming up at the beginning of February! Getting stuck in with all of these activities across a breadth of arts topics has been an incredible experience, and has really extended the scope of skills learnt during my degree. I encourage absolutely everyone to get involved with at least one arts passion they have during their degree!

Being an Arts Ambassador for me is about both being a role model for participation and engagement with the arts, but also being a gateway to helping others access the arts, particularly those that think ‘it’s not for me’. There’s a wealth of things out there to explore in Southampton and beyond!

Arts Ambassador Reflection: Ben McQuigg

The Arts Ambassador so nice, he worked here twice! Ben McQuigg reflects on his second term working as an Arts Ambassador with Arts at University of Southampton.

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My Thoughts on Olivia Chaney at Turner Sims

Jennifer Banful and Olivia Chaney standing in the foyer area in Turner Sims.

Arts Ambassador Jennifer Banful reflects on her encounter at concert hall Turner Sims with the work of musician and performer Olivia Chaney, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

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Introducing our Spring Arts Ambassadors: Molly Ellis

Second year BA Music student Molly Ellis shares her experiences in the arts at Southampton so far, and what it means to her to become an Arts Ambassador!

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