Workshop Structure

Anyone wishing to take part should bring their own device (tablet/laptop etc) please use the signup form on the front page so we can add you to our WordPress site. This will allow you to login and gain access to the H5P testing area.

The structure of the 40 minute workshop will be as follows:

10:50: Introduction to H5P

11:00: H5P Examples

11:05: Hands-on session

11:25: Discussion

11:30: End

During the hands-on session, we will be giving out tasks to complete, which will include the creation of interactive YouTube videos and clickable hotspots.

By the end of the session, attendees will:

  • have a good understanding of what is possible with H5P
  • have the confidence to start creating their own learning objects
  • know where to go to get free online support in using the software