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Historically there have been a number of applications that allow people to create rich interactive content, including (but not limited to) Camtasia, Captivate, Storyline, EduCanon (now PlayPostit) and Flash. Most of these incur a licence cost as well as having to install software on your computer. To create some of the more advanced interactive learning objects, training or even coding is required, as in the case or Storyline and Flash. This led to subject matter experts (SMEs) having to pass content ideas over to a developer who would then create a ‘closed box’ learning object that was difficult to edit without the relevant software.

H5P ( is a new open source WordPress plugin that allows the creation of incredibly rich interactive media within a web browser that can then be embedded on any webpage such as a blackboard module, Moodle course or within WordPress itself. No training is required due to the straight-forward user interface and it’s freely available to anyone who has access to a WordPress site meaning SMEs can create dynamic learning objects quickly and easily.

Examples include drag and drop questions, timelines, click the hotspot, and interactive video – including in-video branching narratives and embedded multi-choice questions.

Forthcoming features include Moodle integration and IMS LTI integration. The H5P development team welcomes suggestions for new features and content types.

During this workshop you will have the chance to create your own learning objects using H5P, and we will share some existing examples from Audiology and Oceanography.