It has been a successful end to the month of August, with our Community Workshop attracting many attendees on Tuesday 29th!

Members of the local community joined us in discussing the potential for a ‘SIMG_20170904_134138waythling in the Great War’ Heritage Trail. There was much to talk about: the logistics of the walk, who would be interested in partaking, publicity, and also the different trail destinations. We received a lot of helpful feedback, putting us in good stead for designing this walk. For example, there was a focus on how to make it accessible for everyone, no matter what level of mobility they may have. Also, one community member suggested the idea of having actors dress up to make the trail come to life, or using audio snippets of personal stories to keep people interested.

IMG_20170904_134142Additionally, we were lucky enough to have John Fish, local historian, and Chris Pennycook from the Pompey Pals join us, with their own artefacts and information! The community found what they had to say and show very intriguing, and this really added to the whole atmosphere of the day.

Overall, it was great to meet people from the local community and discover their keen interest in Swaythling’s history. It was a relaxed but insightful event. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!

Many thanks to our student volunteers for their assistance on the day, and also to Radian and the Round About Café for their help!


A successful end of August…

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