WelcoAHRC Poster image - horse at warme to the Swaythling in the Great War AHRC project blog. This blog is part of a ‘Gateways to the First World War’ public engagement centre-funded project, hosted by the University of Southampton. The University is working with partners at Eastleigh Borough Council, Radian Ltd and Royal Victoria Country Park to uncover the story of Swaythling during World War One.

During the war, the Swaythling hamlet was part of the vast Stoneham Estate, owned by the Willis Fleming family. As the city of Southampton expanded during the mid-twentieth century, Swaythling became a Southampton suburb and its history was overshadowed by the bigger story of the city. As a result, Swaythling’s role during the First World War has been left largely undocumented. Our mission is to uncover the air, equine, and community contribution that Swaythling made to the war effort.
Project Members
Dr Eleanor Quince, University of Southampton (Project Lead) E.M.Quince@soton.ac.uk
Kirstie Guildford (Student Researcher) kg8g14@soton.ac.uk
Dr Cheryl Butler, Head of Culture, Eastleigh Borough Council
Jo Basham, Volunteer Coordinator, Royal Victoria Country Park
Barbara Cooke, Community Development Officer, Radian Ltd (Solent)