Book Exhibits —¬†Information will be updated as soon as publishers confirm their attendance.

Brasiguaios: Vidas e Identidades Transnacionais
This is a documentary filmed in Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil). It offers a view of the daily life
of those living in a camp called¬† Ant√īnio Irm√£o, known in the area as the ‚Äúacampamento dos
Brasiguaios,‚ÄĚ located in the city of Itaquira√≠, approximately 100 kilometers from Paraguay.
The documentary is included in one of the panels. It offers an opportunity for a lively debate
on migration policies and land reform in Brazil and Paraguay, as well as the development of
transnational practices and identities.
Time slot and location will be announced in the conference programme.

The Multimedia Works of Contemporary Spanish American Women Writers and Artists

This exhibit consists of a short 5-10 minute video that we will show on a loop and a series of panels showcasing the work of contemporary Spanish American women artists and writers who no longer seem to feel bound by the traditional boundaries of genre, gender or nation. The transgressive thrust which defines their work has led these women to seek out new forms of expression which, we believe, require the new critical approaches and concepts we aim to develop as part of our project and in dialogue with the women themselves. The exciting generation of multimedia practitioners whose work will be on show produce works which straddle, are between or cross over diverse genres/forms.Whilst many of these women consider themselves primarily as writers or artists (poets, singers, performance artists, visual artists etc), they refuse to be confined by these labels of expertise or genre and share an interest in using diverse multimedia forms which they perceive as enriching their artistic and literary practices.

The roundtable which will accompany the exhibit will include a discussion of the project and its findings to dates, led by Dr Sarah Bowskill and Dr Jane Lavery, as well¬†a live (online) performance by Lucia Grossberger Morales called¬†‘Love Notes to the Planet’¬†(http://lovenotestotheplanet.com/index.html). The roundtable will be preceded by a tour of the exhibit. Please join us at La Rotunda during the coffee break.