Scenario 1

Persona 1: Garkie

When Garkie begun her second semester of the MSc program, she started looking for a supervisor for her summer thesis, she found this process is difficult. She has heard about a new platform which can help her in this process. Therefore:

  • Garkie logs-in for MeetingOfMinds application, using her university login details.
  • Garkie begins complete her profile with an information about her interests, working style, academic information and contact information.
  • Garkie prefers that before contact any professors to ask some students who already have prior experience and being in the same field or have same interests to exchange some ideas and take advices from them.
  • Garkie searches in the User Catalogue and use the filter to find out the students in her faculty or other related faculty.
  • Garkie explores the results which contain list of students with a links to their profiles.
  • Garkie finds out the profile of Stave (Persona 2),
  • Garkie checks his profile¬†and knows about his interests and academic information.
  • Garkie adds Stave into her favorite list.
  • Garkie messages him through in-app-chat room and takes advices from him regarding to how she can better find the best supervisor along with some suggestions.
  • Garkie back to the User Catalogue and search for the suggested professors by Stave.
  • Garkie checks professors’ profile and knows about their interests,¬† academic information,¬†¬†supervision style, and contact information.
  • Garkie finds out that professor John (Persona 3) have common interests and suitable supervision style and she adds him to her favorite list.
  • Garkie messages the professors by user in-app-chat option.
  • Garkie successfully gets contacted with the professor John and agreed about face to face meeting.

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