Persona’s: Different Users of “MeetingOfMinds”

The following three personas of MeetingOfMinds platform have been introduced and defined here and they will be used in our scenarios posts.¬† We have considered that our users are either post-graduate student or professors at the University of Southampton. We described the academic interests, learning and research style and supervision style for each persona. Also, we have described that each user fit in which position of¬†Rogers adoption curve¬† ¬† ¬† ( as covered in the Social Enterprise lecture ). In addition, we specified the ‘type of user’ by describing the main goal of each persona from using MeetingOfMinds, we take benefits from¬†the Flickr diagram discussed in the¬†the Social Enterprise lecture to design each type which also covered in our earlier post ( please click here to view it ) in the Social Network section when we talked about how our project being a social network.

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