Scenario 3

Persona 3: John

John is a professor in the University of Southampton, he is an academic  researcher, he believes that finding a good and suitable research group members would have a great results. Hence, he is happy to join a platform like MeetingOfMinds.

  • John logins onto MeetingOfMinds application by using his university details
  • John updates his profile with information about:
    • Recent projects
    • Last publications
    • Contact information
    • More details about his supervision style
    • More research areas within his interests.
  • John enables received messages from in-app-chat room to increase his availability.
  • John frequently checks notifications during week days to be contactable with other users and know more about who have the same interests.
  • In one day, John received a notification from student named Garkie when she send message to him.
  • John view her message and he is interested to meet her at his office to discuss more about her idea.
  • John successfully responds to all messages and inquiries received from other users and agrees with face-to-face meeting requests.

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