I used to go cinema every now and then back when I was in Malaysia. Watching a movie is not expensive and a great way to hang out with friends. Fast forward to here in the UK, where most things seems ridiculous after you do the currency conversion.. well, a movie in the cinema is the one of the first few things you strike off your activity list.

Here in Southampton, we have ODEON and Cineworld with student price tickets at around £7; the newly opened luxury cinema in West Quay, Showcase Cinema de Lux, which obviously comes with  a luxurious price tag of £15 and up.

So as you do the math, one would just stream movies online and make do with bad quality and sometimes hard coded foreign language subtitles that obstructs your view. Also since Torrent-ing movies here is illegal you’ve really got not so much of a choice. Well not until you’ve discovered the university’s very own student cinema! Union Films, located inside the student union building (formerly known as SUSU building).


Movie tickets are only £3 *gasp*. That’s less than a meal out, a day rider for Unilink and hall’s laundry services! LOL. They have a variety of the latest popular films to choose from and a rather comfortable seat for positive overall experience. Plus, the fact that it is inside the campus and not 30 minutes away in the city makes dropping by for a quick movie a lot easier.

Inside the cinema (taken from Union Films’ Facebook page)


They must have renovated at some point, because last year when I went they didn’t have arm rests, thumbs up for that (Y)

Just last Sunday, I went to catch Moana, on its most probably final screening. I had an amazing time, the movie was great, brought back all the Disney memories.


Oh one thing I must add tho, popcorns here are nowhere near as good as the one in GSC Malaysia. Oooh would love to have some crunchy caramel coated popcorns now, the one here are usually quite.. soft. Oh well personal preferences.

I want to watch Split next, multiple-personality disorder seems to be quite a recurring theme for dramas and movies nowadays, it is quite interesting though. Maybe I should also watch La La Land, it won many awards and has Emma Stones… 🙂

Movie Night!

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