Apart from getting to know the culture of Malaysia and more over Johor Bahru, I was very inquisitive about the different cuisines and styles of food Johor Bahru had to offer.

I have to say, thanks to my incredible group of friends, I can proudly say I’ve had the privilege of trying few of the best foods around Johor Bahru. So by the end of this post, you would not only get to know the plethora of food I’ve indulged in during the past year, but use it as a guide for when you visit Johor Bahru.



Chai Li Chicken Rice

             The branch at Bukit Indah

From the sound of it, I really didn’t know what to expect. But boy was I wrong ! It was certainly something new to me, and something I would recommend anyone to try. With add ons of Char Siew (roasted meat) and tangy chilli sauce, complimented by the glossy rice made from chicken stock, it is one wonderful meal. Fortunately for me, one of the best chicken rice shops here in JB (situated in Bukit Indah, Taman Anggerik and Impian Emas) are owned by a relative of my good friend Shaun Low, hence it’s not only a place we frequently visit, but also a place we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Maryam and Prof. Atkinson when they flew to Malaysia to teach us on behalf of the flying faculty.


Perling Mee (Noodles)

                            Prawn Mee
                             Lor Mee
Curry Mee
                            Curry Mee

The whole idea of noodles being in a curry sauce was unheard of from where I come, and as a result I had mixed feelings on whether it was the correct combination. Once again, I was proved wrong ! It was totally new to me and something that I made sure I shared with family and friends once I got back to Sri Lanka.

I can without a doubt say, this restaurant situated in Perling serves the best curry in town.

Apart from their signature Curry mee, the restaurant is well-known for it’s renowned “Prawn” and “Lor” mee which are also in great demand by customers.

But personally as a curry fan myself, I don’t need a crystal ball to figure out what I’m going to order the next time I go to Perling mee.



                  The unsung heroes

Situated approximately 15 minutes away from the university premises, this restaurant is certainly not one that has fancy decor, high-end bone china or gaudy carpets, in fact it’s a relatively small place which many people don’t come across. I believe, that because of the niche customers that come to 8888, the food served is absolutely mouth-watering, 8888 serves a variety of authentic Chinese dishes, from Kuey Teow (rice cake noodles) to Seafood. So if your up for some quality Chinese food, this is the place.

Nasi Kukus (Steamed Rice)

                            A hearty meal

This is rather a genre of food rather than a particular restaurant. Either way, this is one of my personal favourites when it comes to Malay food. It may not have the finesse of a well plated dish coming out of  Gordan Ramsay’s restaurants but it sure will keep you thinking of the flavour and intensity till you return to enjoy it again.



Photo courtesy of the restaurant’s official Facebook page

I’m one of the biggest fans of Japanese cuisine, and there is no better place to go to, other than Warakuya. From Ramen to Sushi to Okonomiyaki (savory pancake), they know how to do it perfectly. Their main restaurant situated in Sutra apart from the other 3 doesn’t just come with amazing food but also with the warm welcoming Japanese hospitality.


Apart from the uncountable number of restaurants here, the 6 places I listed above our unique, and are places I believe will keep the memories and flavours of Johor Bahru with you till the next time you experience these wonderful delicacies.

Eat to live, or live to eat ?

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