Choosing modules for the next semester is never that simple.

You have to consider which has the most long term benefits, and weigh it against your personal interest in the subject. To add to that, you have to select your entire academic year’s worth in one go.


But you don’t have to stick with it. So, instead of suffering half a year slogging through a subject that initially seemed like a interesting pick. There’s still a chance for salvation.

For the first 2 weeks of the new semester, students have the choice to swap their optional modules if they so choose. Assuming you have friends taking your potential new module, you can tag along to their lectures to experience firsthand the style, pacing and actual content of the module. Through, try to narrow down which module you are aiming for, I personally attempted to attend an extra 2 modules during the beginning of the semester. Each module, and respective lecturer had their own charm and quirks. Further cementing my desire to learn more of the subject matter. However, it was physically and mentally draining to rush from class to class while trying to parse the relevant parts of the module. So soon after exams no less. But at least that’s one headache out of the way.


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