Project Update (October 2015)

This academic year for our Group Design Project we are aiming to design, build and test a high performance wingsuit. We are building on the work of two of our team members, Jennifer Crunden and Rob Markwell, who both completed Individual projects in their third year on this topic. Jen looked into how to test a wingsuit in a horizontal wind tunnel and built a rig that accurately measures the forces exerted on the pilot. Rob focussed more on a computational aspect and produced a report detailing how to run 3D simulations on a wingsuit along with many ideas on how to improve the wingsuit design.

Following on from both of these projects we are aiming to design a wingsuit from the ground up, taking an engineering approach to every aspect. To keep up to date with our progress, you can check our blog posts here, follow us on Twitter (@IcarusWSProject), Instagram (IcarusWSProject) and like our Facebook page.

Until next time, Blue skies – Hayley

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