The Icarus Project is an educational project to design, manufacture and test a wingsuit, which can break world records for the highest and fastest, furthest and most enduring wingsuit jump in history. The project acts as a sound backdrop for the interdisciplinary development of students in aero/fluid dynamics, modelling and experimental testing. It gives students the ability to conduct world-leading research into wingsuit design as well as being a powerful platform on which to engage with the children and adults of all ages and interests.

The key aims and objectives for the project are to:

  • Enhance the reputation of engineering excellence at the University of Southampton and demonstrate the significant capability and quality of Southampton University students.
  • Concurrently engage with the public demonstrating the relevance of research outputs of its students, and academics and our research facilities and capabilities to an exciting and unique programme of world leading wingsuit research.
  • Develop opportunities for children and young adults to facilitate Southampton students and academics to inspire the uptake of STEM subjects in education from two-way engagement.
  • Reach out and attract high quality university applicants through public outreach, events and media productions.