Icarus In The Media

University of Southampton - The Icarus World Record Wingsuit project
RAS Aerospace Magazine - Students at the University of Southampton aim to set new wing-suit world records (December 2016)
BBC Future - The man who plans a record breaking wingsuit flight (October 2016)
iFLY Indoor Skydiving - The Icarus Flight School
National Centre for Universities and Business - Engaging the Next Generation of Scientists Outside the Classroom
OR3D - Project Icarus World Record Attempt
Teachwire - Skydiving Aeronautics Lecturer Gives Schoolchildren A Physics Lesson To Remember (May 2016)
Kids Blog Club - Kids learn to fly (with added science) (May 2016)
Education Technology - Securing the future of STEM (May 2016)
Air to Air - Student wingsuit set to break world records for human flight (February 2016)
Make Parts Fast - Flying like a bird, thanks to 3D scanning (January 2016)