Hospital Heist

Fingerprint Analysis

Left on the doorknob the CEO’s office was the culprits Fingerprint! In Hospital Heist you canĀ learn all about Fingerprint analysis which includes looking at the different types of fingerprints (loops, whorls, arches), comparing fingerprints, and learning to lift a Fingerprint from a doorknob to rule out suspect(s) from theĀ Hospital HeistĀ case. On this page you can also try a quiz to test your knowledge of fingerprinting, and try the Fingerprint challenge!


Below are the three most common Fingerprint types. See if you can tell the difference, as this can helpful when investigating a case using Fingerprint analysis.


You can also test your knowledge about fingerprinting with a few quick questions about the technique’s history, common findings, and what they are for.


Finally, clickĀ here to try out the Fingerprint challenge and see if you can use your skills to match up different fingerprints that have different patterns.