Hospital Heist

For Students

On a Hospital Heist day, you will try all of the activities listed below to try to find the culprit of an awful crime committed at Southampton General Hospital. Whether you have already completed the day or it is coming up, the pages below will show you how important these techniques can be, and let you test what you already know about these forensic techniques.

Ballistic Analysis

The burglar had to shoot through a lock when breaking in to steal the artwork. You can help to solve ...
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Document Analysis

The burglar printed out a map of the hospital, and wrote down the key to the door with a passcode ...
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Fibre Analysis

Some hair was found in the CEO's office, and it is possible to analyse this in an attempt to find the culprit ...
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Fingerprint Analysis

Left on the doorknob the CEO's office was the culprits fingerprint! In Hospital Heist you can learn all about fingerprint analysis ...
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