Hospital Heist

Fibre Analysis

Some hair was found in the CEO’s office, and¬†it is possible to¬†analyse this in an attempt to find the culprit using¬†fibre analysis. This can involve using a microscope to examine fibres, learning distinguish between different animal and hair fibres, and using these skills to rule out suspect(s) from the¬†Hospital Heist¬†case. Below you can find some different fibres viewed through a microscope, and a quiz testing your knowledge of Fibre analysis!


Below is an image showing different types of hair fibres, and each is labelled with where the Fibre came from. See if you can learn to tell the differences without using the pop-up labels.


So now that you’ve looked at some different fibres, how much do you really know? Have a look at the questions below and test your knowledge of fibres.