Green space vital to student wellbeing during COVID-19 pandemic

Greenspace use was linked to group membership and social support, suggesting that during strict social restrictions these areas promoted social connectedness. Greenspace was also linked to physical activity, demonstrating benefits to physical and mental wellbeing. The team suggest promoting the use of greenspace for students as a way to improve wellbeing, particularly in times when social interaction is restricted or limited. “With the Spring season approaching, I encourage our students to make time to go outside and enjoy the free benefits to your wellbeing! Our campus and surrounding spaces are all beautiful, Valley Gardens is a particularly nice place for a coffee or a break from study.”

Psychology students share the love during pandemic

Lucy Clitheroe – 2nd Year Psychology BSc Student; Course Representative In the current pandemic, many people’s mental health has been negatively impacted (Holmes et al., 2020). As a member of the Student Representative Team at Southampton, we are currently experiencing increased reports of loneliness and difficulty separating home and work life …

Message from the Blog Editor

The aim of the CIMH is to unite researchers and clinicians across the broad area of mental health research to develop and deliver meaningful and useful research, knowledge and treatments. Our team of psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists along with partners in schools and NHS services want to make sure this work is …