March 2021 archive

Remediation, Memory, Trauma: Preposterous History in They Shall Not Grow Old – Seminar by Professor Robert Burgoyne

“In this presentation, I argue that They Shall Not Grow Old offers a parallel track of memory references within the film itself, a shadow narrative that emerges for the viewer who is familiar with heightened moments of psychic extremity depicted in the history of the war film. The experience of psychological trauma is registered not …

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Chinese Audio-Visual Cultures: The Interaction between China and the Rest of the World

This symposium, hosted by the Centre for International Film Research under the Film department at Southampton, will explore the transnational relationship China has with other territories globally, exploring how technological innovations, aesthetics and such have influenced and traversed internationally. The event is organised by a group of PhD students in Film Studies at Southampton (Yuan …

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Looking for Langston (1989)

Author: Kenneth Norwood Isaac Julien’s Looking for Langston (1989) makes me cry every time I watch it. My first time seeing it was in the Lincoln Centre in New York City– privately–on a 35-mm reel via a projector. As it clicked and fluttered away in the darkness, spitting out visual poetry of black and white …

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