From digital back to analogue

Our tutor Chris had taken the 3D digital models created in ‘z brush’ last week and turned them back into an analogue paper version. The group’s faces were printed onto dissected shapes to be cut and stuck together. The morning was spent in very focused cutting, folding and gluing. We learnt the different between a valley fold (concave) and a mountain fold (convex) as well as how sticky UHU glue is!

Whilst everyone worked away creating their 3D portraits each member showed the rest of the group a piece of work they had made either at home or at school. We talked about their inspirations as well as the materials and processes they liked to use. This was a fantastic insight into the incredible level of existing knowledge and skill within the group. I hope everyone enjoyed sharing their work as much as we enjoyed seeing it.

By the end of the session we had these brilliant 3D portraits. These will be sent off to London in advance of our visit to Central St Martins College of Art and Design in a couple of weeks where they will be exhibited alongside portraits of the other National Saturday Club members from across the country.

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Vanessa Rolf

We are the National Saturday Club for Winchester School of Art. The Saturday Club offers local 13–16 year olds an insight into a broad range of art and design subjects. The club, a completely free activity for participants, is run over 9 months, totalling 20 Saturdays and including two visits to London. In addition, a Master Class will see an external specialist artist visit the club to present a workshop. The year culminates in a final exhibition in London, where members from Saturday Clubs across the country will meet to share their work and experiences.

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