Seminar 1:‘Introductory Session’ – Digital technologies and school-to-work transition

Seminar 1 ‘Introductory Session’ | Digital technologies and school-to-work transition | Monday, 25th March, 3 to 5pm | Building 32, Room 2097

We are an interdisciplinary working group at the Work Futures Research Centre at Southampton University. Our aim is to explore the role of digital technology in the formation of learner identities and in school-to-work transitions.

We are hosting a series of seminars, each on a particular theme, with invited scholars and practitioners in order to explore relevant issues and concepts in this area of research.



This first seminar ‘Introductory Session’ will provide an overview of the project and introduce the wide context of introducing ICT into our curriculum.

If you would like more information about the seminar series, do not hesitate to contact me at

We hope that you will be able to join us and look forward to a stimulating discussion.

Further details about the project can be found on the WFRC Blog Digital technology, learner identities and school-to-work transitions.



Seminar 1: Introductory Session

Seminar 2: Practitioner Perspectives

Seminar 3: Perspectives of Employers in the Field of IT

Project details available here.