Hampshire Constabulary Operation Magnet – making GPS available to people with dementia

Tula BrannellyTula Brannelly

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight published their report of Operation Magnet Evaluation in July 2015.

Operation Magnet was set up to provide GPS location technology to people with dementia who go missing, to decrease the possibility of ‘harm or suffering to the individual, friends and family and the cost to public services’. Hampshire Constabulary found that in a six month period, there were a total of 63 instances of a person with dementia going missing who required a response from the Police. GPS location devices with backup support from telecare services enable the person to be located quickly, thereby preventing harm, providing reassurance to family members and carers.

Under Operation Magnet, GPS devices were provided to twenty people ad found that the technology provided benefits for people with dementia to be able to continue going out, reassurance to carers and had cost saving benefits to public services.

he report contains information about the types of devices available and the associated costs.  It may help to talk to your Dementia Adviser, Dementia Support Worker, Admiral Nurse or Community psychiatric nurse to see if you may be referred for an assessment in your area.