Project Outline

Small island groups present archaeologists with the opportunity to study the sustainability and resilience of changing complex socioecological systems over time. Did the small islands off the western coast of Britain between Scotland and Northern Ireland lack resilience in the face of waves of colonisation and socioeconomic events from the Iron Age to the 19th Century? Can we measure the tempo, resilience, fragility and connectivity of these islands and how did they go from being a core to a periphery over the last three millennia – with a particularly detailed focus on the last 1500 years. It is believed that during this period the islands underwent dramatic population, social and cultural changes, which we believe can be deciphered from their landscape archaeology, soils and lake sediments.

Sea of Moyle fieldsites

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Loch Balnagowan: 56.529799, -5.478818
Loch Fada (upper): 56.084964, -6.189195
Mill Loch: 55.689893, -5.749572
Loch Stoaineig: 56.317201, -6.439689
Loch Finlaggan: 55.828906, -6.177242
Glenastle Loch (upper): 55.621219, -6.289157
Loch Lossit: 55.811451, -6.137085
Loch Frisa: 56.559520, -6.082649
Loch Pottie: 56.319596, -6.345360
Lough Cleggan / Loughnashkan: 55.305500, -6.251683
Ushet Lough: 55.270466, -6.190489
Ally Lough: 55.274960, -6.189820
Lough Ayes / Loch ó Dheas: 55.264642, -8.244896
Lough Aher / Loch ó Thoir: 55.255037, -8.201691