Project Outline

Small island groups present archaeologists with the opportunity to study the sustainability and resilience of changing┬ácomplex socioecological systems over time. Did the small islands off the western coast of Britain between Scotland┬áand Northern Ireland lack resilience in the face of waves of colonisation and┬ásocioeconomic events from the Iron Age to the┬á19th Century? Can we measure the tempo, resilience, fragility and connectivity of these islands and how did they go from┬ábeing a core to a periphery over the last three millennia – with a particularly detailed focus on the last 1500 years. It is┬ábelieved that during this period the islands underwent dramatic population, social and cultural changes, which we believe┬ácan be deciphered from their┬álandscape archaeology, soils and lake sediments.

Sea of Moyle fieldsites

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Loch Balnagowan: 56.529799, -5.478818
Loch Fada (upper): 56.084964, -6.189195
Mill Loch: 55.689893, -5.749572
Loch Stoaineig: 56.317201, -6.439689
Loch Finlaggan: 55.828906, -6.177242
Glenastle Loch (upper): 55.621219, -6.289157
Loch Lossit: 55.811451, -6.137085
Loch Frisa: 56.559520, -6.082649
Loch Pottie: 56.319596, -6.345360
Lough Cleggan / Loughnashkan: 55.305500, -6.251683
Ushet Lough: 55.270466, -6.190489
Ally Lough: 55.274960, -6.189820
Lough Ayes / Loch ├│ Dheas: 55.264642, -8.244896
Lough Aher / Loch ├│ Thoir: 55.255037, -8.201691