Below are the members of our project team. You can contact us on the following email address

Professor Ros Edwards

University of Southampton

Rosalind is a co-director of the research project.  She is Professor of Sociology at the University of Southampton, and has researched and published extensively on family issues, services and policies.  Ros is leading on the review of published reports and online discussions about data linkage and analytics, and the survey of parents’ attitudes, and contributing to all other aspects of the project.

Professor Val Gillies

University of Westminster


Val is a co-director of the research project.  She is Professor of Social Policy/Criminology at the University of Westminster. She researches in the area of family, social class, marginalised children and young people, and historical comparative analysis.  Val is leading on the group and individual interviews with parents, as well as contributing to all other aspects of the project.

Dr Sarah Gorin

University of Southampton

Senior Research Fellow

Sarah is the Senior Research Fellow working on the project, based at the University of Southampton.  She has extensive experience of conducting research in the field of children’s social care.  Sarah is responsible for the day-to-day conduct of research and is contributing to all aspects of the project.

Chris Garrington

Maltstore Communications Ltd

Communications and dissemination

Chris, formerly a BBC radio journalist, runs a consultancy that supports academics in maximising the impact of their research. She specialises in the communication and dissemination of research to non-academic audiences through websites, blogs, media, social media and has a particular interest in podcasting. She edits the project website and works with the team to create and communicate the work and findings.