23rd of July…

A date that would remain a significant day on the minds of everyone that was a part of the Mechanical Engineering Class of 2019. 

From the day we started our degree, Graduation day is something that everyone and anyone looks forward to. While thousands of students Graduate and embark on their future career in the respective fields, for us, that day was the 23rdof July.

With exams coming to a close, it was a celebratory atmosphere that was upheld all the way up to the date of the Ceremony.

From ticket reservations to robe collections to the unique handshake given to the Vice-Chancellor on top of the stage, Graduation by itself was an experience to remember.

A few of the many flower bouquets seen on the day

With the Ceremony scheduled to start at 9.30 am, the entire morning saw the University decorated with vibrant flowers, parents and family of the Graduands dressed eloquently and most importantly, the sea of students in their robes, ready to receive the much awaited title of “Engineer”. 
With the commencement of the Ceremony and the speeches given by the dignitaries on stage, the Head of Mechanical Engineering, Professor Philippa A.S Reed began to read out the names of the Graduands while their family and friends cheered on, commending the hard-work of each and every student who was up on stage.

With the formalities coming to an end, everyone made sure to get a snapshot of themselves with their loved ones and made sure their social media profiles are updated. 

Mini re-union of our Eurobot team, once upon a time in 2nd Year
The USMC Squad, better know as “Year 4 bruvs”

Despite the eagerness to be photographed in Graduation attire, I have to admit, it was an unusually humid day and we were rather relieved to return our robes and have an informal chat with our fellow cohort and academic staff.

“Year 4 Bruvs Assemble”

Since time usually goes by slightly faster when you are having an enjoyable time, before you knew it, another significant day in our lives came to an end.

Moments before the hats landed on our heads

While our time at University has come to an end with each one going their merry way. The knowledge, experience and guidance received throughout our University career will most certainly be the catalyst in achieving our goals in time to come.

Graduand to Graduate

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