What’s this person going on about now?

When ocean waves form, travel across vast waters, faster in some areas, slower in others, and eventually break at land; When a small star – formed in clouds of gas and dust, runs out of fuel and cools into a black dwarf, disappearing from sight; When you’ve been eating from a bag of crisps, one handful after another, and the next time you reach your hand in, all you feel is the empty space that has been left.

When you been working at something for a long time and that something comes to an end, there’s always that bittersweet, melancholy feeling. You’re glad it’s ending and can’t wait for what’s next, but at the same time you can’t believe it’s ending and have no idea what’s coming next.
Is that what I’m feeling now because my university journey is ending? Or is it because I just finished my last packet of Walkers Oven Baked crisps from my 6-pack bag? I wonder if I’ll ever find out.

The content of my posts don’t always have much relationship with their titles and this is probably one of those posts. That said, I really do still feel like a child that is not ready to face the world of adults and responsibilities. But here I am, two months before graduation and blogging about my missing crisps.

“It’s been three page breaks and now you say that I was never going to get the secret to staying young forever?”

Imaginary reader

Well it’s at four now. All I can say is that if you don’t read until the end, you will never know what exactly you’ll find. Maybe a hint will appear if you scroll through the photos below with the theme of ‘Scenes from A Window: Wessex Edition’.

Or these ones with the theme of ‘Random Light Sources and Flowers’:

If you’ve found it, well done. If not, look again!

Joint pains and back aches might plaque us one day, but at heart,

“forever we are young”

Young Forever

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