A post-exam stress relief of some sort was required.

Semester 1 exams have ended and with a weekend to spare before diving back into the Group Design Project and the next wave of assignments, what better way to spend it then by catching a coach to London (only 2 hours away!) to catch a good show, catch up with an old friend and doing whatever else that catches my eye along the way.

Coach tickets are cheapest for journeys that are:

  • Not during the holiday periods
  • On a weekday
  • During Off-peak hours
  • Booked well in advance

With this knowledge, it is possible to get a two-way ticket between London and Southampton for under a tenner. Even less if you manage to get a discount code!

Having friends spread out across the country could also reduce costs for lodging and makes it easier for me to get up and go make that trip.

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The raw sound of the instruments and vocals, every perfections and imperfections, the feeling as if each beat of the drum was beating directly against our chests, and the emotions pouring out of the artists as they do what they do best on stage. All this energy transmitted to and felt by the audience is what makes watching a live band a whole different experience than listening to any recorded track.

It was only inevitable that my companions and I enjoyed ourselves.

Spending all that time and money to get all the way to London, I couldn’t just up and leave straight after the show. I have been to London several times before but there are still so many things I have yet to see and do.

I managed to stop by the Natural History Museum (free admission!) this time around as it was along the way to the coach station. Although I was only able to breeze through a few of the exhibits due to the massiveness of the museum and time constraints, I was already absolutely blown away.

I was taken on a journey starting from the beginnings of the Earth to how its current geography and geology have become what they are today. From the treasures the Earth holds under and above ground, to the evolution of all lifeforms on this planet.

I painfully skipped out on the wildlife exhibits and went straight to the museum’s most popular one – Dinosaurs.

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I definitely have to come back for another visit, preferably on a weekday when it is not overflowing with visitors.

After the action-packed museum visit, energy levels were low and the body needed to be re-fueled. The Dominique Ansel Bakery located next to Victoria Coach Station was chosen as the next stop.

The first store was opened in New York City by French chef, Dominique Ansel, and is known for its original pastry creations such as the Cronut (“croissant-doughnut hybrid”) and DKA (Dominique’s Kouign Amann).

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These baked goods don’t come cheap but one can only understand its worth after taking a bite. They really don’t hold back on the filling!

With this comes the end of my short but highly necessary trip for my sanity’s sake to drive me through the new academic semester.

We can do this.

A quick recharge

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