After a 3-month long break from university life, it’s time again to get those brain muscles working.

But before that, you can’t start a new term without having a bit of fun first.

You don’t have to be new to the university to join the fresher activities. Even the old 4th-year student like me cannot resist the freebies given out during the various events across the Fresher’s Week.


The taster sessions run by the numerous clubs and societies of the university also cannot be missed! There’s nothing like them once you’re out there in the working world.

As a proud member of the Ultimate Frisbee club, the Skunks, it was great to see the many students that came to check out the sport. The third year students that transitioned from the Malaysian Campus showed that they were not an easy match either.

USMC Ultimate Team represent!

I got to also attend the squash, spikeball and dodgeball taster sessions. It was my first time playing squash and it was absolutely fun (even with all those miss swings, leg tangling and knee scrapings). Seems like any sport where I get to dive to the ground really suits my taste. This goes for Spikeball as well.

There were so many people at the dodgeball taster session that I mostly just hung around the back of the line during a game, which also meant you wouldn’t know a ball was coming until you see the person in front of you dodging it and you realise it’s too late for you to. They really had no mercy when throwing the ball.

I definitely would like to play a proper dodgeball game some day.

Now, with all my muscles sore and adrenaline level up to a 100%, it’s time to start the lectures.

Once more!

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