An instrumental factor that contribute to enjoying our stay in Southampton, is its weather. While there are a few ups and downs from time to time, all in all it’s somewhat bearable with what I’ve been experiencing for 20 odd years of my life.
While everyone here from USMC including myself appreciate a bright sunny morning whether it’s walking to Highfield Campus for a lecture or simply having a stroll down Southampton Common, a majority of us always wanted to know and feel what it is like if it ever snowed in Southampton.

We were so excited in experiencing snow that we were on the verge of planning a trip over the weekend to somewhere up North of England to essentially “build a snowman”.

Unfortunately for us, there were coursework, exams and other obligations from clubs and societies that we couldn’t disregard, therefore our “quest to find snow” was halted for the time being.

Call it a miracle but it was on such a day, walking back to our halls, we saw a mere shower of almost invisible flakes of snow. Unluckily however, it lasted for about 10 minutes and moments later it was as if nothing had happened, almost like a dream.

It was, till I looked out of my room the next day! The greenery I’m usually accustomed to see from my window had disappeared and instead covered with snow almost like icing sugar over a cake.


It was just the beginning

It certainly was not the usual lukewarm weather that Southampton is known for and as a result we had to put on a few extra layers than usual. We weren’t complaining however, it was as if the clouds listened to our request and decided to be nice to us.

Snow fall was increasing over time; there was even an announcement made regarding the early closure of all campuses in University. For us however, this indeed was like a ‘Blessing in Disguise.’
For once, all of us stopped working, kept our books aside, left the library and prepped up for what is essential in such a situation… “A snow ball fight”

Making a snowball is truly an art

It was an unforgettable day not only because it was the first time we had firsthand experience with snow, but also because we managed to get everyone together and did something fun as g group after a long time.
Everyone was having such a great time, whether it was making snowballs, snowmen, igloos or just straight up shoving of snow down our sweaters, we had a day to remember.


Stage 1 of a normal group photo


The 3 gentleman in front had no idea on what unfolded next


Furthermore, we were told that this was a rare occurrence, and it had been a long time since this amount of snow settled in Southampton, and to that we considered ourselves very lucky indeed.
On the other hand however, there was no sign of our old friend “The Sun”, but we carried on till natural lighting couldn’t help us any longer.

Attached below are videos of the snow, because images alone weren’t enough to showcase the beautiful scenes. (Simply click on “video 1, 2 or 3” and let the magic unfold)

Glen Eyre, the halls I live in was truly the best view out of the lot;

Video 1

A glimpse of what it looked like in Uni;

Video 2

Southampton Common was truly spectacular;

Video 3

Shoes buried in snow, frozen fingers and eventually catching a cold, it was all worth it when we look back at the fun and excitement we had together.
The following few days however was not the most jovial, as we had to sip hot chocolate and/or tea for the rest of the day with the hope of us feeling better thanks to the overdose of snow from the previous day.
Despite knowing these consequences, there were “no holds barred”, and as they say… once you’re in it, there’s snow way out.

There’s Snow Way Out

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