Expressing our opinions has never been as easy and vital as it is in today’s world. From WordPress to Blogger, there are numerous resources for anyone interested to start their own blog. Blogging comes with a host of benefits, both for the writer and the reader. Here are my personal favorites:

  1. Becoming a better communicator
    It so often happens that we feel we understand an idea. However, when we try to explain it to someone else, we find out that we don’t understand it as well as we thought we do. Blogging helps put ideas into words: it helps us structure our thoughts and improves our communication skills over time.Image result for communication
  1. Building commitment
    As university bloggers, we are required to update our blogs every month. This builds a sense of self-discipline and ensures we remain dedicated. Such commitment blends into our everyday life as well, from studying for an arduous exam, to exercising daily regardless of the busy study schedule.Image result for commitment
  1. Improving your CV (…thus your job prospects)
    When going for a job interview, the employer is always looking for something beyond our grades and GPA. Having the title of ‘Blogger’ on one’s CV/resume boosts their image and provides an edge over other applicants.
    Blogs also serve as digital portfolios: they provide the employers with a unique and creative way to view the applicant’s success and experience.Image result for improving cv
  1. Expanding your knowledge
    Blogging requires us to have an adequate command on the topic we are writing about. This often means reading more articles and talking to more people.
    Additionally, as we express our ideas to the world, we begin to understand them better. Blogging is a great start to this.Image result for expanding knowledge gif
  1. Become a better writer
    If you are an avid reader, you can probably point out a great article when you see it. But can you get people to praise your writing? Blogging helps improve our writing skills over time, as we learn from our mistakes and read exemplary work by other bloggers.Image result for writer gif

Hopefully by now you are convinced about the benefits of blogging and are wondering when to start. Well, why not start now?! University life is the best time to take up new hobbies and indulge into new experiences. And blogging is one such epic experience you will never regret going through!

Why students should blog

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