2 years flew by faster than a Thermodynamics exam.

And here I am again writing another blog post, only this time it’s to conclude my time spent at the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus.


Looking back, I’m surprised at the number of things I have experienced since starting my course at USMC, each one of them deeply engraved into my memory. Let’s check them out, shall we?

With the gathering of people, it becomes a great opportunity to do some sports, especially those where you can’t play alone and you find yourself searching high and low to get someone willing to play with you.

Forming a netball team for the NUMed Games in my first year was a challenge from the get-go with the obvious lack of females in the student population. Hence, the following scenario:

A month before the games – 1 substitute player and players that knew nothing about netball.

A day before the games- 1 substitute player and players that knew something about netball.

1/2 of USMC’s first ever netball team.

We lost all our matches that day but I’m proud to say that we did not get thrashed. Good job fellow Wookies.

The Netball Club became an official club during my second year and we had another attempt at an upset at the NUMed Games. Old members left and new members came. How will this all affect the team’s Feng Shui?

With lots of luck, more luck and some skills, we miraculously emerged as the second-place winners.

Shout-out to Biri, Nurina, Aishah, Beeps, Annie-chan, myself, Soeffiah and Priscilla.

I’ve picked up two other sports during my stay in Iskandar which are Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball (my Haikyuu dream was short-lived though).

USMC’s Ultimate team made their debut and was placed 3rd at the 2017 NUMed Games.  Photo credits: The NUMed Times

Other than team sports, I also tried indoor climbing for the first time!

Highly recommended for individuals that love to lose all feelings in their arms.

If you think you can escape all things electrical and electronic as well as any form of programming by choosing mechanical engineering, you are greatly mistaken. This is because over at USMC, the Design and Computing module assignments prevent you from doing just that.

For our Part 1 Design and Computing assignment, we had to work in groups to build a quadcopter.

2016 Part 1 students’ quadcopter. This one’s named Quadmit. Last seen crashing into a random field in Educity.
quadcopter (1)
2017 Part 1 students’ quadcopter

The following year Part 1 students were able to 3-D print their parts (we got a chopping board by the way) as well as test their quadcopter indoors.  Due to the vastly improved conditions, their quadcopters flew higher, were more stable and actually landed safely. That said, our juniors never got to feel the thrill we felt every time our quadcopter barely avoided a crash landing.

eurobot (3)
Part 2 Semester 1 assignment – Odometry testing.
eurobot (1)
Part 2 Semester 2 assignment – The nerve-wrecking Eurobot finals…
eurobot (2)
…which my group did not take part in as our robot died hours before the finals. Here’s Dr. Pu telling us why our robot should be turned into scrap metal and wood. We wholeheartedly agreed.

Learning programming, from Python to Arduino, had opened up many opportunities for me. I managed to participate in two programming-related competitions this year.

The first was the Ultimake Makerthon held at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus where we had to build a prototype of a product that will be used to help the underprivileged. We were given 24 hours to complete as well as unlimited snacks and drinks.

robotics (2)

robotics (3)
Pulling an all-nighter ain’t cool.
robotics (1)
And this is how Voice Out came to life.

The second was the Robotics Competition held at UTAR.

robotics (5)
Meet Robert 1 and Robert 2.
robotics (4)
They prefer staying still.

Another big part of my experience at USMC had to be being a part of the IET, a suggestion from Dr. Low turned reality.

Our first IET event was Pi Day where we could only afford to buy whipping cream and not actual pie. It was fun nonetheless.

pi day (1)
USMC IET On Campus’ first president, son of Oct.
pi day (2)
USMC IET’s savior, the ultimate senpai is coming back! Disclaimer: You may or may not recognise him upon meeting due to the absence of whipping cream.

Taking part in the Present Around The World (PATW) Competition was something that was way out of my comfort zone. Although I did fail miserably, it was still a traumatising an interesting learning experience.

A big thank you to Prof. Neil, Dr. Low and Dr. Jo-Han for helping us out.

After our one-year stint of running the IET On Campus, it was time to pass down our responsibilities to our juniors.

paper plane
The Paper Plane Competition

The EduTech Program was where we taught two groups of Secondary school students from different schools a bit of programming and give them the opportunity to present and share their ideas.

At SMK Puteri Wangsa.

DSC_0298JPGI was continuously amazed at how well my peers were teaching the students and interacting with them in general as I had quite a bit of trouble explaining and connecting with the students. Seriously, props to everyone. I have much to learn from you all.

The lovely students of SMK Johor Jaya 2.
The most lively and playful prefects I have ever met. They momentarily turned quiet as I snapped a photo.
Students putting their English speaking skills to the test.
We brought the students to the Imagineering Institute, a research lab/start-up incubator at the Mall of Medini.
– There are no limits to an idea –


The desk of a genius.

Being a part of the IMechE Student Chapter of USMC (of which I somehow became the secretary for) was another invaluable experience.

dyson 2JPG
We kick-started our activities with a CV Workshop.

We also invited Dyson to organise a workshop at the university.

cv workshopJPG
Nothing better than the Dyson cordless Dual Cyclone Handheld Vacuum Cleaner to keep the carpets clean!
dyson 1JPG
The staff from Dyson who are passionate about helping youth unleash their creativity.

dyson 3JPG

Volunteering as a student ambassador for the university’s open days gave me the chance to share my thoughts with potential students on what it is like to study at USMC and collect some free university T-shirts along the way. Y u no give the red or navy shirt?? 

Open day (2)

Open day (1)
The crew.
Open day (5)
Students and teachers from the schools involved in the EduTech Program paid a visit as well.
Open day (3)
You know you’ve come a long way when the staffs introduce students from the same batch as you along with the other over-achieving seniors during Open Day.

Open day (4)

Open day (6)
A LED head wreath for everybody’s favourite father.

Below are more photos I’ve taken during my stay to view if you aren’t sick of this post yet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, a transition/farewell dinner was organised for the Part 2 students right after our final examinations.

transition dinner
Prof. Neil giving a speech and wishing us all the best.

All in all, I had a fair share of stressful periods as well as fun times during these last two years and I had definitely learnt a lot, be it studies-wise or about life in general. One of the best things I’ve experience here though is meeting a ton of great people.

A person will only continue to experience new things as he or she goes through life, just as a student will continuously gain new experiences during their time in university. How much you experience is important, but it’s how much you let them change you that really matters. Don’t you agree?

The Malaysia Experience

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