As engineering students, we are constantly bombarded with assignments and deadlines to meet. We know that time is of the essence and procrastination should be avoided at all costs. However, some of us still procrastinate.

Let‚Äôs face it, no matter how responsible you are, you’ve probably procrastinated before. Whenever we encounter a task we have no interest in but needs to be done, our natural response is to push it to the end of our To Do List. This, of course, includes important assignments or exams to study for. Evidently, this will not have a good effect as you will probably rush whatever it is that needs to be done. (and it‚Äôs probably 4 am and you can‚Äôt think of anything but sleep, a good example would be me writing this blog right now)

To be honest, I procrastinate all the time, so much so¬†that it has become my daily routine. I admit, I myself have yet to get rid of this morbid habit of mine, despite telling myself to do so years ago. (Well, at least I don’t procrastinate for procrastination.) ¬†Okay……. the point is that I put the “pro” in procrastination. So,¬†naturally, the best way to beat procrastination is by NOT doing what I do. Keeping this in mind, I have devised some “tips”¬†for y’all to beat procrastination!



1. Keep leisure activities to a moderate level


This is something we all know, but most of us don‚Äôt do. Whether it’s gaming or watching a TV series, it’s fine to do these every¬†once in a while; however, it is CRUCIAL to do it moderately. ¬†Personally, I¬†know that the hardest part is stopping after you start. I bet you all know the phrase “one more game” or “one more episode” all too well. You tell yourself to stop after one more, but you end up telling yourself “one more” over and over again, it’s like being stuck in an infinite loop. Have some self-control!


2. Start and Don’t Stop till you Finish

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is taking the first step. (ironic how we can click on the start button for our games or TV shows so easily but we find it impossible to muster the energy to pick up a pen to do our work) However, once you actually make the step, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, and that the task isn’t as hard as it seemed. Once this happens, you will unknowingly find yourself cruising along and before you even know it, you finished what you started.

Sometimes, after spending an hour or two on a task (in my case, 5 minutes), you may feel the urge to do something else. In cases like these, TRY not to stop until you finish as you have already had that momentum propelling you forward and that is what makes you work more efficiently.


3. Get rid of Distractions/ Be Organised

This is the time of working environment you should avoid

Distractions are one of the main reason we procrastinate. Therefore, you should get rid of distractions such as your phone, shiny objects,¬†and your phone. Other than that, it is also important to be organized, ensure that you have everything in the right places and your workstation is neat and tidy. That way, you can work more efficiently after you make a start. Another useful thing you could do is organize the tasks you need to do in order of importance and make a start on the tasks at the top of the list and work your way to the bottom. However, it is important that you don’t use any of these as an excuse to procrastinate. I once tried to “organize” myself but ended up doing it for 2 hours, it may feel like you are achieving something but you’re actually not.


4. Reward yourself

By far my favorite one. Nothing motivates someone more than a reward. This can be anything you like, whether it be computer games, food, or a pat on your own back. Just tell yourself that after you complete whatever it is that you need to do, you will be rewarded with these. Surely, this is better than procrastinating and getting what you want first, and then suffering till 4am trying to complete your assignment (or blog).



Well, that’s all the tips that I can think of for now. Hopefully, this helps you in your endeavor to beat procrastination. And yes, I did post this at the end of the month because I was procrastinating……






Procrastination – My Mortal Enemy

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