Christmas Holidays! Sort of. Masked by the holiday spirits, the three-week holiday period is actually a time for revisions for the examinations in January. Nevertheless, my friends and I made it a point to let some steam off by travelling. Many of my peers opted to travel to neighbouring European countries; Germany, Iceland and Norway to name a few. I preferred something a little more budget friendly. With three of my friends, I went on a road trip to Cornwall. If you’re not familiar with the geography, Cornwall is a county on England’s rugged southwestern tip; home to classically beautiful towns, sandy beaches and mouth-watering pasties. Hiring a car made our trip a lot more fun that it would have if we had chosen any other methods of travel. Spontaneous plans, getting lost every now and then (thank you GPS!) and our very own favourite songs playing via our pre-set playlist.

First place we visited was this amazing site called Durdle Door.

Durdle Door
Durdle Door

The following day, we drove up to St. Michael’s Mount. An absolutely beautiful castle sits atop this hill, which is an island by itself when the tide sets in. Of all the places we visited, Land’s End was my most favourite. This particular site is the westernmost tip of England. I had no expectations when we made the plan to drive up to this cliff. But oh boy, the view and serenity of the whole scene floored me. For the next one hour, all we did was sat by the cliffs (it was safe, no worries) and enjoyed the view. And took tonnes of pictures of course.

Land's End
Land’s End

In the next few days, we visited more towns, visiting more coastal cities.

Clifton Observatory, Bristol
Clifton Observatory, Bristol

Of course, travelling during summer would make more sense but as international students, we would probably be in our home countries during the summer, so winter provides us with the best opportunity for travelling.

Just goes to show that England has loads of places to visit. It has its own flavour of marvels.

Roadtrip to the SouthWest

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