Academic term 2016/2017. Possibly my last academic term, ever. Terrified, would be an understatement, if I were to describe how it feels like to be at the final phase of my university education. Ever since Year 3 ended, I’d catch myself randomly imagining what I’d be doing after July 2017. In those false realities, I would sometimes be the most charming young engineer at a firm that is breaking engineering frontiers. Sometimes, I am a pitiful graduate who has been jobless for over year with all hopes for a bright future diminishing as time went by. Yes, my future is uncertain. And as you may expect, that uncertainty is scary. Not knowing how your future is going to pan out is pretty daunting. But if it’s any consolation, everyone, graduate or non-graduate, have been in that bubble.

But, I believe, there are two ways to explore this situation. The first is by glooming over that chilling uncertainty. The second, is to firmly believe that my future has not been set yet. It has not been carved out yet. That, I still have another year to tweak my future. I get very excited by this.

University is probably the most ‘educational’ experience you will get. By ‘educational’, I mean the events, the people, the disappointment, the victories that will give you, your unique personality. And if there is something I have learnt over the last three years at university is that your view on events and your personality will be much more of an important trait in life than anything else.

I am determined to make the most out of this last year in university by setting out to get experiences that will make me, a better me. I want to do this, not to get the best job out there, but to find opportunities and solace in whatever I will be doing in the future. My next one year will be crucial and I am going to make sure I am responsible for how my life pans out after graduation.

Last hurdle; scary, but intriguing possibilities await

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