It has been two months after the exhaustive and yet satisfying second year examination, I have finally decided to take a gap year before going to the UK.


To me, it has been an ambivalent choice for me to made. Deciding whether or not to take a gap year requires rigorous considerations and recognizes the potential stumbling blocks you might face throughout the gap year. There are tremendous things you would need to acknowledge. For the most simplest instance, do you have any ambition that you would like to achieve or skill you would like to develop before heading for further studies? If none, do you have great faith in yourself in securing a job through the period?

However in my personal opinion, finding a job is not difficult¬†but being lackadaisical could be lethal to both your working experiences and your achievements “showcase” in your R√©sum√©.¬†With that being said, being too¬†passive¬†during your gap year period could be your weak point for interviewers to caught especially when you think you are “ready” for your¬†graduate employment.¬†Aforementioned, gap year could be a stressful period of time since you are alone¬†and you have to plan efficiently and independently for your own sake accordingly.

In the opinion of the majority, taking a gap year might pull you a year behind and time wasting but it is really a new beginning of learning process and a new exposure opportunity. It would not be too surprise that readers might find that this is inconceivable but when you take a step back and think about what you want to achieve, you will realize how clueless yourself are. Surely gap year will stall your academical progression but it could gives priceless bonus to your inspiration and motivation which would fundamentally keep you going!

University of Southampton provides full freedom to students who would like to take a gap year in-between the studies. However, you should recognize the risk you have to face and the readaptation difficulties  after you return to your studies. Therefore, the following link attached connects you to the official page of University of Southampton which provides comprehensive information you need to scrutinize before you make your final decision.

Believe me or not,

There is no finish line in our life, but the scenery you will see depending on which path you choose to run.
Taking a gap year: It might be the new beginning

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