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Introducing ethnography to students

Many (if not most!) undergraduate students in Modern Languages or other Humanities disciplines will not have heard of 'ethnography' and may not know what it means to carry out research using 'ethnographic methods'. In our experience, students tend to associate ethnography with more general forms of qualitative research, seeing interviews, questionnaires or focus groups as the main means of gathering data. Continue reading →

EEP Training session 3

Session 3: Participant Observation, Research Ethics, Data Management (2 hours) The aims of this session were to: discuss the participant observation exercise students carried out over the Easter break; discuss research ethics and ethnographic projects; provide students with guidance on storing and organising data; discuss the blog site and next steps. Outline of content: 1. Continue reading →

EEP Training Session 2

Session 2: Doing Ethnography Q&A (1 hour) The aims of this session were to: introduce students to key aspects of designing and carrying out an ethnographic research project; answer student questions about ethnography and ethnographic methods. Outline of content: Project staff gave brief presentations on aspects of designing and carrying out ethnographic research, based on their own research. Continue reading →