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Resources for Students

This page contains information for students who are wishing to conduct ethnographic research in the field. It contains practical guidance on topic, approach and methodology.

LANG2005 Course Outline

This is the course outline for the module LANG2005: Ethnography for Language Learners, run by Dr Heidi Armbruster at the University of Southampton. WEEK 1- Introduction: What is an ethnographic approach? You will be introduced to some of the fundamental principles of ethnography: ethnography as cultural learning, data as always interpreted in context, the notions of ‘making strange’ and reflexivity. Continue reading →

Data Analysis

Analysing your Data There is no hard and fast line between ordering your data and analysing it.  As you begin to order and index it, so the process of analysing starts.  Analysing data is a continuing process from the moment you collect your first piece of data. Continue reading →