British Association of South Asian Studies Annual conference

Audience Participation

Many thanks for joining us for BAJS 2021. We would be grateful if you could read through the following etiquette for audience participation, especially given the online format:

  • Please arrive in the ‘room’ a few minutes before the session is due to start. Speakers will spend the 15 minutes prior to the session start testing audio and powerpoints, so please do not arrive too early to give them space to do this.
  • If you join a session late, it is imperative that you join with camera off and microphone muted so as not to cause disruption for the speakers.

The online etiquette is hopefully well-known now, but is as follows:

  • Please keep your camera off during presentations to ensure internet connections remain strong.
  • We would ask participants to put their camera on when asking a question, but appreciate that not all may wish to do so.
  • Please keep your microphone muted unless you are speaking. The technical host for the session may
  • mute you if you accidentally leave the microphone on.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions after each paper. We would like to generate an engaging atmosphere, so please switch your camera on when asking questions or joining the discussion where possible. You can ask questions using the raise hand function, or you may type questions in the chat. If you type a question in the chat, the chair may invite you to verbalise your question, but it is also okay to have your question read out if you prefer to remain off-camera.
  • We hope that you will be able to attend as many sessions as possible during the conference to ensure good audiences for each panel.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the BAJS 2021 Conference Team (

Very many thanks again for your participation!