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WSA student Charlotte Connelly reflects on her BENCH public art commission

Charlotte working on her bench

Charlotte Connelly, first year BA Graphic Arts student at Winchester School of Art, has written about her experience contributing to the BENCH series of public art commissions from Solent Showcase Gallery and GO! Southampton. 16 benches from the pedestrianised high street of Southampton have been transformed into works of art by local artists – one of which was Charlotte!

Read on to hear all about how her design made it from paper to park bench.

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Introducing our 2019/20 Arts Ambassadors: Kate Briggs-Price

Kate Briggs-Price in action

MA Global Media Management student Kate Briggs-Price talks about her time at university, her passion for film-making, her experience with University Societies and what she brings to the team as an Arts Ambassador!

Now in my fifth year studying at the University of Southampton, I’ve spent my time trying to discover what I enjoy and am passionate about. Both in my professional and personal life, I have pursued many avenues and have ultimately come to the conclusion; art has always been something that connects the people and the decisions.

Being busy and pushing myself to achieve everything I possibly can is a major driving force of my personality. I am very lucky that my Master’s degree involves practical film making, but also gives me the freedom to shoot and direct in my spare time. The arts have given me the chance to not only to push myself creatively but given me the discipline, scope and the technical skills to create both professionally and for pleasure.

My passion is definitely film-making, whether that be a documentary film or creative shorts. I have a range of projects on the go – a short film up for release at the end of January and a documentary that will be released both as a short and hopefully a feature-length film by the end of September 2020. Being a Photography and Videography Ambassador gives me a chance to develop and work on technical skills whilst also helping to give people access to art around Southampton. Whether that be through their phones or through media, we can help bridge the gap of intimidation that people often feel about attending events in the ‘art world’.

I’ve always focussed on multi-media storytelling. As Head of Marketing for Surge Radio –  live shows, podcasts, graphics and social media are all things I have been developing. The interconnections between all the different strands of media working together to create an experience is what interests me. Although not directly connected to media, I am also President of the Erasmus Student Network Southampton. This is the largest student organisation in Europe, taking care of all the visiting international students who come to the university – my interest in this came from my experience of my year abroad in Germany. This really developed my interest in people, which is at the heart of my love for art and really everything I have done at University.

As I have been involved in over 9 different societies during my time here, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow from a huge range of people. We often connected through the process of making art or through experiencing it together as a way to express something we had in common or something that was different about us. I want to make sure that students discover not only the art available to them in Southampton but also the people behind that art. The artists, often from around the world, have so much experience and perspectives that they are willing to share.

Surviving the heat, thriving as a Ripe Mango

Annette Warner, artist and Fine Art Graduate, Winchester School of Art reflects on her first professional opportunity as part of ‘Ripe Mangoes’, a graduate artists programme with Southampton-based ‘a space’ arts and setting up for life after uni. 

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Thriving and Surviving as an Artist – Highlights from Chapel Arts Studio Careers Talk

Have you ever wondered what opportunities lie beyond a degree in the arts or humanities? Arts Ambassador and Fine Art Student Annette Warner shares her insight from a talk held at Winchester School of Art (WSA) by accomplished artist and curator Rosalind Davis, organised by Chapel Arts Studios .

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