Introducing Lauren Coughlin: Nuffield Southampton Theatres ‘Excel’ Intern

Lauren Coughlin, an Archaeology PhD candidate, introduces herself and the aspirations she has for the role.

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Southampton researching how archaeology promotes resilience in marginalised and traumatised individuals. I recently began an Excel internship with the Southampton Cultural Education Partnership  through the Nuffield Southampton Theatres (NST).

This Excel internship is an invaluable opportunity for me to put into practice my skills in education and improve my skills in project building and community outreach. I am working at with NST’s Head of Engagement on the emerging Southampton Cultural Education Partnership to enhance the cultural network in Southampton to include local schools, and to develop more creative opportunities with them for the city’s children and young people. I am particularly excited about working with cultural organisations that seek to show how heritage and cultural engagement builds resilience in underprivileged children.

The Excel Southampton Internship Programme is a paid opportunity supported by the Careers and Employability Service at the University of Southampton.

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