Introducing Laila Khawaja: Nuffield Southampton Theatres ‘Excel’ Intern

Laila Khawaja, PhD student joins Nuffield Southampton Theatres (NST) as an ‘Excel’ Intern with Southampton Cultural Education Partnership .

Hi my name is Laila. I just had my successful PhD viva! Currently I am working in an Excel Internship with Southampton Cultural Education Partnership (SCEP) at NST.

This role is exciting for me because that is exactly what I like to do: bridging and building networks between cultural organisations and schools in Southampton. My passion for cultural education can be traced back to my pre-PhD experience. Whether as a member of a multi-disciplinary community healthcare team or part of a young people well-being research project in Dubai, I have been hugely interested in engaging and examining the interplay of culture and education on young people’s trajectories.

Laila (centre) at the SCEP EXPO with Rupert Rowbotham, Head of Engagement, NST and Pooja Angra, Education & Arts Development Officer, Art Asia.

The Excel Southampton Internship Programme is a paid opportunity supported by the Careers and Employability Service at the University of Southampton

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