Introducing Christopher Amedu: John Hansard Gallery Marketing Intern

Christopher Amedu, law graduate and marketing intern at John Hansard Gallery, introduces himself and the aspirations he has for the role.

I have recently started an Excel Internship as a communications and marketing intern at the University’s John Hansard Gallery. During this internship, my aspiration is to spread increase awareness and knowledge of activity at John Hansard Gallery to new audiences within the University.

As well as this, I hope to gain more experience in digital marketing and communications, working with the Head of Communications and Marketing to deliver social media campaigns. As advertising and media is becoming more and more digitised in the modern era, I believe that becoming a skilled digital marketer is an important asset in this economy.

I‚Äôve always loved art and music; I am a pianist, music producer and songwriter. During my Law degree, after revision, I would often go to the music rooms and make songs on Logic Pro X ‚Äď sometimes till late in the evening. After my Law degree, I explored many different creative roles, I made a documentary for an EU linked organisation on racism and the right wing in France, a topic I was very interested in. I also started a project helping people learn English via educational cartoon songs called Langamo.

The Excel Southampton Internship Programme is a paid opportunity supported by the Careers and Employability Service’s at the University of Southampton

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