BA English students review ‘Time After Time’ at John Hansard Gallery

In September 2018, a group of BA English students from the University of Southampton attended theĀ Time After TimeĀ exhibition at the John Hansard Gallery. Find out what studentsĀ Dominic Wilton,Ā Faye Williamson,Ā Grace Bryant,Ā Louis Cox-King andĀ Georgina LagoĀ thought of the exhibition below.

Students were starting out on a module on ā€˜Contemporary Fiction and Visual Cultureā€™, which looks at how contemporary novelists like Nicola Barker, W. G. Sebald, and Chloe Aridjis are writing novels in response to the visual world in which we live. And what better way to understand contemporary art than attending a retrospective of the most significant installations shown by the John Hansard Gallery over 30 years? The students wrote reviews of their experience of the exhibition, and here are some of their thoughtsā€¦

In his review, Dominic Wilton explores the varying conflicts of ideas inherent in art and the ways in whichĀ Time After TimeĀ introduces new ideas and difficult perspectives to its audience.

Focusing on Hamad Buttā€™s Familiars (1992) and Walter van Rijnā€™sĀ Unconsumable Global Luxury DispersionĀ (2018), Faye Williamson discusses the plasticity of installation art and the ways in which art is imbued with both the personal and political.

Grace Bryantā€™s review explores identity and the role of installation art and the art gallery in modern Southampton through Caroline Bergvallā€™sĀ CROPĀ (2010) and Charlotte Posenenskeā€™sĀ Vierkantrohre Serie DWĀ (1967-2010).

In his piece, Louis Cox-King exploresĀ Time After Timeā€™s use of the ephemeral to problematize and discuss oft-neglected cultural conflicts.

Finally, Georgina Lago discusses the reworkability of art and the expansion of traditional art forms over time.

Image: Hamad Butt, Familiars, 1992, installation view, John Hansard Gallery, 2018. Courtesy Tate: presented by Jamal Butt, 2014. Commissioned by John Hansard 1992.

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