Getting to know the Arts Ambassadors: Louise Johnson

Summer Arts Ambassador and BA Fine Art graduate Louise Johnson reflects on her love of the arts and her plans to increase dialogue between the University’s campuses in Southampton and Winchester School of Art.

I have always been creative, even as a young child. I didn’t like colouring books, I wanted to draw my own pictures and colour those in, when I was four I made myself the lead role in school plays and (apparently) I was pretty good, I carried on acting, joining an acting group and participating in all the school plays, mostly in main roles. Also, dancing was a large part of my life. My parents met by being ballroom dancing partners, so when I was born it was inevitable that I would be taken to dancing. I grew up surrounded by dance, music and art, so it was no wonder I also started dancing, ballet first, then cheerleading, a bit of ballroom, a bit of hip-hop, I dabbled in it all. But drawing and painting was what I really loved.

In school, Art was obviously my favourite subject. I was free to be creative, so I took that freedom, I took it and ran. I studied Art for three years in college and a further three at Winchester School of Art (WSA) and I’m hoping to continue with a Masters degree.

My practice has ebbed and flowed through the years, winding its way to what it is now. I do not know if I am capable of trying to put my work into words (which might be why I feel a Masters is my next step), but all I know is that my work is me.

Having been an active student within my three years at WSA, I had come to notice there was little conversation that went on between Highfield Campus and WSA (that us students could see). My goal this summer is to try and connect the two campus’s together and show what amazing opportunities lie within each location.

Being an Arts Ambassador is an amazing platform that publicises the inner workings of the arts scene around the city of Southampton and Winchester.

Having severe dyslexia and knowing that a lot of other creatives do too, I also believe that some of the text piece are intimidating and can be off-putting to some of us dyslexic onlookers, so, with that in mind, I want to create a video blog series so that everyone can get involved with the arts.

And I am lucky enough to be doing this all with my best friend and fellow Fine Art graduate Katherine Wells.


Arts Ambassadors is a paid opportunity, supported by the Careers and Employability Service’s Excel Southampton Internship programme, University of Southampton.

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