Why parents need to understand how their family’s data is being used!

Our research team is encouraging parents to take time to better understand how their family’s data is collected, shared and used for service intervention. And to help with that we have created a short video animation which you can view below.

This video has been produced with help from animation specialists Cognitive Media Ltd. It is designed to inform parents about how data on them and their children is collected, shared and used by local and national government services to identify families for intervention. 

The video is also designed to prompt discussion around data security, consent, and the extent of public acceptance and trust or social licence in these activities.

University of Southampton Principal investigator Professor Ros Edwards said:

We believe that policy developments and data linkage and analytics practices to inform services interventions are moving ahead of public knowledge and consent. We should all take time to understand this better and consider what it means. We hope this video will help prompt discussions among parents and groups working with parents to make sure we are better informed and better equipped to challenge these processes if we think they need challenging

Co-investigator Professor Val Gillies from the University of Westminster added:

If you are a parent, a group working with parents or simply someone with an interest in how our data is being used, watch our animation and if you’d like to know more about what we’ve found and other resources and outputs that might be of interest take a look at the rest of our website.

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