The role of public services in addressing child vulnerability

Our response to the House of Lords Public Services Committee call for evidence on the role of public services in addressing child vulnerability.

The House of Lords Public inquiry, ‘The role of public services in addressing child vulnerability’ asked whether reforming public services can address the growing problem of child vulnerability.

The inquiry covers how public services support mothers and families during pregnancy, and how they support children in their early years and school years.

One of the premises of the Committee’s call for evidence is that public services should share data as part of their duty to keep children safe.

Our project team provided evidence that the Committee needs to consider the wider implications and interests of operational data sharing and data linkage for early intervention (which also can be taken as lessons from Covid-19), in particular:

  • The importance of transparency and informed consent to use of their administrative records
  • The wider social legitimacy of and trust in institutions, especially for marginalised social

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