After 3 years at the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus (bear in mind that I took Engineering Foundation Year in the Malaysia campus too), my peers and I had finally set foot on the soil in the birthland of William Shakespeare and The Beatles. We arrived in the United Kingdom on a chilly September’s day. I apologise for not updating my blog post lately, but as 3rd year student, assignments and deadlines can come by like a storm and this one hit hard.

Luckily, the three weeks of winter break gives us students a little break, and maybe some time to catch up on lectures and revise for the approaching January examinations (gasp!). Let’s not talk about the dreadful examinations that depress us so, instead, let us talk briefly about the life in Southampton so far. This is for those who like me, have never been exposed to the culture in the U.K., the weather, the food and the people. A U.K. newbie.

First and foremost, Southampton can be quite cold. On some days when you are lucky, you get the bright sun happily shining at you (something we dread in Malaysia) but on most days, you would be greeted by the gloomy clouds and drizzles. Word of advice, do invest in a windbreaker jacket. The strong winds are the culprit to making 10° feeling like a 4°, and it makes a huge difference.

Next, let us talk about food! It’s what we Malaysians love the most, right? There are abundant restaurants in Southampton, whether you’re craving Indian food, Chinese food or Malay food. Although various cuisines can be found almost everywhere, it is much more expensive to eat out as compared to cooking your own meals. So, grab those instant pastes and spices from Malaysia and learn a dish or two from your mum! Or simply go blind and test out new recipes, like for some of us here, where we made nasi lemak, siu yok, char siew and bak kut teh for the first time. I love it when my friends and I gather to have a nice dinner, relaxing and just simply catching up.


A night of laughter with Nasi Lemak.
Nasi Lemak, courtesy of Sean, Nabilah and Naresh.









Some of you might ask, how about the people? The people here are very friendly. If you are keen on making more friends, you can join the clubs and societies. Most of the time, the organisations will hold social events where people can mingle around. Work hard and play hard!

Anyway, it’s coming to the end of the year. What will you be doing for the holidays? I know some of my friends went back to Malaysia to their families while some are going on an adventurous mini trip roaming around Europe. I’m currently composing this blog post on a lovely couch in a cosy house in Northern France, having just stuffed myself with cheese, pastries and all sorts of delightful treats. No matter where you are or who you are celebrating your holidays with, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! May the upcoming year be filled with joy, peace, laughter and prosperity!

Postcard from Strasbourg for my family!


Hey, check out this amazing Southampton Transition video that my friend Sean made!


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