In an attempt to heal the virtual wounds formed during the final examinations and hopefully undergo some stress relaxation, an impromptu food trip sounded promising. And what better place to go to when you’re stranded in Johor than the little town of Kluang? (Especially when you can have a personal local guide for no charge.)

Joining me in this stand-off against food are my fellow course mates/ friends/ battle comrades.

Off to Kluang we go!

First stop – The train station?
2-4-8 low
That’s more like it.

Kluang Rail Coffee is a coffee shop popular even among the locals and has been operating since 1938.

It literally is located beside the Kluang KTM station.

How can the usual kopi + roti bakar (coffee & toast) combination be any amazing than it already is? Please visit to find out!

9-13-15 (2) low


Good food✔ Puns✔

We found our next opponents at Restoran Kari Ikan Kepala Pertama at Taman Intan.

1 (1)
Will we be able to defeat this 5-dish tag team combo?


A walk after the 2 consecutive meals was necessary to prevent our stomachs from exploding.

Murals make the walk ever more interesting.
Games from the good old days when all we had were empty spaces and chalks.
DSC_0086 2JPG
Anyone remember ‘Pepsi cola’?

After finding out a wan tan mee shop was closed for the day, a sudden heavy downpour preventing us from buying local snacks and a long rest at our guide’s place, it was time for another meal.

Some mamak rojak and cendol at a nearby stall to bring smiles to our faces.

Before we knew it, it was dinner time.

Tan Ching Hing Restaurant was packed full of customers enjoying their meal, waiting for their food to be served or waiting for an open table.


Like the common Chinese kopitiam, there were many food vendors selling different types of dishes.

122-127-131-137-142-149-153 low
The fried chicken and oyster omelette made me tear up (from happiness I assure you).

This time, to make ourselves feel better about over indulging, we decided to knock down some pins with a game of bowling at the local shopping mall.

166-167-182 low
Ignore the matching T-shirts.

Last but not least, it’s the highly anticipated chill-at-a-café-while-having-scrumptious-desserts time.

When we told our guide to take us to a place where we can have desserts at almost midnight, we weren’t expecting much. Heck, we though that there might not be any open at all.

That said, we arrived at a street lined with shop lots that were already closed and lighted only by street lamps. Our guide brought us to a stairway in between two shop lots leading up (which was thankfully not in total darkness). A few of us thought the place seemed shady and were in doubt on whether to trust our guide.

Well, they eventually went up the stairs.

The moment we reached the 2nd floor and saw a white door fitted with a glass panel giving us a sneak peek into what’s behind, our hearts and minds were put to rest.

Past the entrance, the space opened up to reveal a pretty little café with a warm and cozy interior, overlooking the deserted street down below. It was brimming with youth and full of life, unlike the silent emptiness we felt outside. It made me wonder where did all these people come from.


210-220-224-238 (1)
Drinks and crepe cakes served.

A deck of cards, desserts, good company, plus the café’s warm ambience were enough to put our minds at ease.

Do check out Storyteller’s Facebook Cafe!

The food trip battle ended with the three remaining survivors taking on the final boss – Fendy Burger.


And the outcome was…


(For more photos, click here.)

Fish Curry for the Soul

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